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Nurol Makina, a leading Turkish company in the defense industry, selects SEE Electrical Expert for its easy integration with CATIA and Smarteam. Nurol Makina, a subsidiary of Turkish Nurol Holding conglomerate, has over 20 years experience in the defense industry. It designs special purpose vehicle solutions such as EJDER 4x4, 6x6 Wheeled Armored Vehicle, Riot Control Vehicle (TOMA), Armored Wagons and Armored Cash Transportation Vehicles.


Design tools used include CATIA (3D mechanical design) and Smarteam (data management and collaborative design). When selecting a new electrical design package, Nurol Makina’s objectives were to have good integration with CATIA 3D and SmarTeam as well as an easy-to-use package. After reviewing the leading software on the market, Nurol Makina selected SEE Electrical Expert for the design of wire harnesses.

SEE Electrical Expert package is a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) package dedicated to designing electrical harnesses. Its use saves design time, increases quality and enables communication with 3D CAD and PDM (Product Data Management) applications. It manages all kinds of diagrams, wire and part lists. A schematic editor, which provides all the necessary tools to manage principle and wiring diagrams is included. Furthermore, the package also handles connectors, signals, wires, cables and shielding, offering complete design and data management. Nurol Makina chose SEE Electrical Expert, “first because the integration with CATIA was easy and rapidly deployable compared to the competition, and secondly because SEE Electrical Expert parametric based design gives users outstanding flexibility” states Fatih Keser, Senior R&D Electrical Designer at Nurol Makina.

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Since the beginning of 2003 Volkswagen Coaching (the training department) in Wolfsburg in Germany, has used SEE Electrical from the IGE+XAO software company for the internal training in the field of electronics and information technology. At the same time the technical colleges in Wolfsburg also teach how to use the CADdy++ drawing system. In this way the co-operation between the technical colleges and Volkswagen is further strengthened.

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As a leading independent controls company in the UK, Nobbs & Jones is constantly striving to improve its design process. As a result, Nobbs & Jones has decided to acquire an Electrical CAD (Computer-Aided Design) package and has selected after serious review IGE+XAO's SEE Electrical. "What we really like about SEE Electrical is its functionality and ease-of-use. It is very easy to learn and does not require any training. This was not the case with the other packages we benchmarked SEE Electrical with" declared Jason Ellwood, Applications Manager.

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ARC International has chosen SEE Electrical Expert as it allows them to rigidly define their standards. "The more complicated the schemes are the more the software helps us to be productive. With upcoming training given by IGE + XAO we hope to be able to master the different working methods offered by the software. We particularly appreciate SEE Web Catalog which saves us valuable time. We've contacted the hotline for technical support and been very satisfied with the prompt solutions provided."

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“The Hotline team are very knowledgeable and prompt to answer our questions. We have used IGE+XAO custom services for the development of an automatic diagram generator that works perfectly. It allows us to cover 100% of our needs on a first production's line and 80%  complete for a second. We have also received excellent training that has completely met our expectations.”

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For MG Cablâge the maintenance contract is a priority, witch allows us to access the hotline which is very sharp and brings us an immediate response. Our contract also allows us to benefit from the SEE Part Libraries module for requesting new parts and symbols from the content team, delivered within 5 days. This saves precious time and leads to more professional projects. "We love the new SEE Web Catalog interface which offers global tracking of our requests and its status (we can check our request history, know the number of remaining references available and when they expire)." We are very appreciative of the SEE Electrical Expert certification obtained at the end of the training sessions." Today, MG Câblage is certified Platinium (the highest level)it's help us to obtain New markets. 
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TTP LabTech selected SEE Electrical, IGE+XAO's package dedicated to the medium to low range of Electrical CAD software applications. SEE Electrical has become very popular worldwide, due to its three levels and its upgradeability, which allows the software to evolve in line with customer requirements. "SEE Electrical was the most cost effective. It met all the functionalities TTP LabTech required and the price was attractive. Since the original purchase, it has been an easy and painless transition to SEE Electrical Advanced which provides a wealth of features" says Simon Tullett.
"SEE Electrical has allowed us to produce our electrical diagrams much quicker than before."
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"We call upon the hotline to optimise the settings connected with our exploitation system. All our enquiries connected with the needs of our applications have their answer in a reasonable delay! "

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Chemring Countermeasures needed an Electrical CAD Software package that delivered quality results, was intuitive to use, and was competitively priced, for these reasons they selected SEE Electrical. The main benefit of SEE Electrical is that “it is a very user friendly program. The core program can be added to the purchase of optional adds-on packs and is available in different levels. This gives the flexibility to purchase what is required for the task without having to buy a high end program that contains functions that you do not need but you nevertheless have to pay for.

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Selecting IGE+XAO’s SEE Electrical as the electrical design reference software was key to Vestas China. The company was looking for a software package which would allow to design both electrical schematics and wiring diagrams, manage wires, cables and shielding and hence generates automatically all types of lists (product, wire, cable and terminal lists).

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"For me, the maintenance contract, it is the priority service. For example, yesterday we received an urgent project from a client. "Impossible to save, document error!” The hotline reply was immediate, "the CDROM is only readable, go to the settings!... It was possible to save the project in the next hour!

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"To be equipped with the latest versions should not be ignored, from one side in order to profit of the new functionalities and to communicate with our ordering parties, but also because the informatics develops constantly. Our informatics service has, for example, migrated the total of our equipment from the last Windows version and thanks to our maintenance contract, we already have obtained the version of SEE compatible."

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The drawing basis is SEE Electrical, a computer program from IGE+XAO, which Semco Maritime has used successfully. During the upgrade we were faced with the challenge that the XAL program had to be merged with the SEE Electrical program that we neither would nor could do without. One of the great advantages of SEE Electrical is indeed that the program generates a list of spare parts.

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