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IGE+XAO solutions for the Construction industry


The Construction Industry:

Our software range covers all professional electrical requirements in the building industry, making it possible to create automatically the documentation for the design and maintenance of electrical installations with optimal productivity.

The IGE+XAO Group has developed a complete software range with strong competitive advantages: 

  • automatic schematic generation,
  • an 'all in one' & "easy to use" product,
  • a strong calculation package,
  • communication capabilities,
  • price competitive solutions.


Electrical engineering software for the Construction industry


Electrical design 

SEE Electrical 
Intuitive and Versatile CAD software for all your electrical design needs.
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SEE Calculation
Electrical installation calculation.

SEE Electrical Building+
A unique software program to design diagrams and automatically generate singleline schematics.
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Data management


SEE Project Manager

Project management and versioning.
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SEE Compodata
Generation of online catalogues - Configuration of complex systems.
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All these packages can be connected to Architectural CAD and costing packages as well as a lot of other professional packages through DXF and XLS formats, etc.

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SEE Electrical SEE Electrical LT SEE Calculation SEE Electrical Building SEE Compodata


IGE+XAO receives funding from ERDF in order to develop a collaborative web platform in the Building industry. For more information.


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