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The Railway Industry

 Railway design engineers work daily on key issues such as "intelligent train", equipment reliability, safety, eco efficiency, additional comfort and services.


To help them cope with these issues, the IGE+XAO Group has developed an innovative and complete software range offering competitive advantages: 

  • a powerful PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) suite,
  • railway specific functions,
  • strong information system integration,
  • traceability.


Portfolio EN - Railway


Electrical design 

SEE Electrical PLM
The complete engineering process.
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SEE Electrical Expert
Wiring diagrams connected to 3D and PLM.
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System design 

SEE System Design 
Basic Engineering (System diagrams, P&ID,…) or Detail Engineering (Cabling diagrams, Wiring diagrams).
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Data management 

SEE Project Manager
Project management and versioning.
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SEE Electrical Equipment Definition
Equipment, between-equipment connections, wires and cables definition.
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SEE Compodata
Generation of online catalogues - Configuration of complex systems.
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Electrical manufacturing 

SEE Electrical Harness Manufacturing
Software suite for the calculation and manufacturing of electrical wire harnesses.
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SEE Electrical 3D Panel+



All these packages can be connected to Mechanical CAD (such as CATIA…), PDM, ERP, etc.



Simulation & diagnostic




Article from BtoBrail : IGE+XAO: powerful electrical engineering and manufacturing PLM packages for the railway industry 



Having collaborated for several years with
• railway equipment manufacturers,
• operators,
• infrastructures providers,
• MRO companies,
and being part of the Mipirail international cluster, IGE+XAO has developed deep understanding of issues facing railway design engineers such as intelligent train, equipment reliability, safety, eco efficiency, additional comfort and services to name just a few. This has led to increased requirements for electrical cabling, as well as configuration and variants management. To help them cope with these issues, the IGE+XAO Group has developed an innovative and complete software range for railway equipment electrical design and manufacturing.

Covering the full engineering and manufacturing process
IGE+XAO range covers the full electrical system design and manufacturing process and enables companies to build a powerful “digital twin”:
• Define
• Model
• Integrate
• Produce
• Document
• Maintain

The solution is highly scalable and clients can implement it step by step depending upon their requirements.

Distinctive competitives advantages
IGE+XAO powerful PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) suite provides equipment manufacturers’ with advanced configuration tools. They allow for instance to define once a rolling stock and then re-use it in several configurations. Teams work on shared data in a single repository. By sharing data, engineering and manufacturing teams save time, identify and solve problems early in the design stage. Railway specific functions help accelerate the design process and lead to significant cost reduction. For instance, advanced wire routing features will allow engineers to design and calculate wire harnesses very precisely. Information system integration with company global PLM, 3D mechanical CAD, PDM, ERP, etc. is also key and eliminates unnecessary data entry, therefore reducing error risks. At last, strong traceability features will enable teams to follow up the different design stages and retrieve information through versioning.

Convinced customers
IGE+XAO solutions have already attracted major equipment and infrastructures manufacturers, MRO companies as well as their subcontractors. All have been able to save weeks and even months on their new equipment design and manufacturing.

Member of the mipirail international cluster
The Mipirail cluster includes companies in the rail sector in French Occitanie region. At the national and international level, Mipirail coordinates its actions in conjunction with the three other French rail industry clusters (Association of Railway Industries, Mecateam Cluster and Neopolia). Since 2013, the four railway clusters have initiated an interclustering approach called Railway Business Clusters, a network hosted by the Federation of Rail Industries.



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